Our Aim

AIM:  To provide support for individuals living with advanced cancer, their families and carers, in Egypt.


  • To promote a high standard of care and support in order to enhance patients’ and their families’ quality of life.


  • To promote attention to all palliative needs of the patient, whether these be physical, psychological, social or financial.


  • To promote multi-professional team working to ensure full support, care and advice are provided at the day centres and at home.


  • To provide support for the professional carers and the volunteers.


  • To provide training for the multi-professional teams locally and in the UK where required.


  • To encourage networking between the centres, and support conferences to share practice and enhance learning.


  • To encourage the establishment of more palliative care centres in areas where there is little or no access to palliative care.


  • To provide financial support to the palliative care centres where appropriate.


  • To collaborate with other organisations and work towards the establishment of a national association of palliative care in Egypt.

Lynne Potter 2015