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Members of the GCCE-UK committee

Mrs Lynne Potter                     Chair

Dr. Sobhi Girgis                        Secretary

Mr Richard Morrell                 Finance Adviser, Co-Signatory & GCC Trustee

Dr. Nabil S Isshak                    Coordinator UK & Egypt

Dr.Isis B Sidhom                      Coordinator UK

Dr.Samy Wassef                       Fund Raiser &  Assistant Coordinator

Mrs Alison Reitz                       Member

Dr. Sameh Effat                         Member

Dr Monica Soliman                  Member

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In Tribute of the Late GCCE-UK Chairman Dr Frank Edward Neal


Worked in the field of oncology since the forties of last century. Mainly as a consultant Frank Nealradiotherapy, but also in research field including early work on radioactive iodine. He was one of the main founders of St Luke Hospice, Sheffield, which, I understand, is the second one in the world, after London St Christopher. He, also, founded and chaired Weston Park Cancer Care Centre and chaired The Rotherham Hospice. 

Frank managed hospital(s), chosen as vice president of the Royal College of Radiologists and became an advisor for WHO and British Council ODA.

He was involved in many medical and non-medical charities. extending to India before his work in Egypt project

Recognized by the Pope, he became a Knight of St. Gregory the Great in 1974. In year 2007 he was selected for the MBE award.

Late DR Neal became the Chairman of Global Cancer Care Egypt-UK Committee since 2005 until his death on 29th September 2014.

Apart from doing so much for our charity in the UK, leading to its twinning with St. Luke Hospice, he visited Egypt six times between 2005 and 2011. These visits helped a great deal in establishing palliative care centres for cancer patients in five cities he went to on regular basis. While in Egypt Frank gave lectures in various academic institutes.

Cancer Care in Egypt owes him a lot. He was a great inspiration to all he met over there


Nabil Isshak