Copts in need


Copts In Need (CIN) is a non-profit UK based registered charity dedicated to reducing extreme poverty in Egypt and Sudan.   In January 2009, its founding members travelled to Upper Egypt on a charitable visit where they witnessed inhumane living conditions which inspired them to make a difference by setting up CIN.

CIN became a registered charity in October 2010, operated by a board of trustees based in the UK who collaborate with dedicated volunteers in Egypt and Sudan.

DR Awad Ibrahim, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ‘Copts in Need’, having discussed with Dr Samy Wassef and  Dr Nabil Isshak of GCCE-UK ways of collaboration, accompanied them in visits to the global centres at Tema and Tahta. Awad, furthermore, accompanied by two members of his teams, visited some of poor cancer patients, many were young mothers. A decision, as a result, was made in year 2017 by the ‘Copts in need’ to help some of these patients on a regular basis.

جمعية “أقباط في حاجة” هي جمعية خيرية مـُشهرة في انجلترا تم تسجيلها في اكتوبر 2010، يرأسها د,عوض ابراهيم، وتعمل على مساعدة عائلات في مصر والسودان يعيشوا في فقر مدقع.  بعد تواصل في انجلترا بين نبيل صبري اسحق وسامي واصف ، تم  ترتيب زيارات مشتركة لهم، مع عضوين أخرين من تلك الجمعية لمركزي جلوبال في طهطا و طما. وبعد تـَفـَقـُّـد بعض مرضى السرطان من الفقراء في منازلهم قرر د,عوض ومن يخدم معه في مجلس الأدارة مساندة خدمة جلوبال لبعض هؤلاء المرضى