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Most patients supported in the following centres are poor;
when hit by cancer and poverty, their needs and family needs
become tremendous. Contact us, or better still, communicate
directly with any of the centres and arrange for a visit, for your
self or relatives and friends

MANY types of cancer have high mortality and, usually, are associated with pain, sometimes severe, and other distressing symptoms. The psychological impact and financial burden add to already suffering patients and their families.

Cancer is spreading like an epidemic all over the world. One in four gets it at some stage of life. While two thirds of cases happen in third world countries, they only have 5% of the resources to deal with it. About 80% of cancer patients in third world countries are diagnosed when the disease has progressed beyond treatment.

The idea of giving special care for patients with advanced cancer started in the UK forty years ago with moves to create hospices, described by an Egyptian attending a conference on palliative care, as service institutes that combine features of home and hospital.Palliative medicine and palliative nursing to alleviate patients’ sufferings had developed as specialties on their own merit. Palliative care does not only aim to alleviate cancer patients symptoms but also meets the spiritual, psychological and social needs of the patient and family.

The picture in Egypt is rather grim, even for those who are well off. Some doctors and private hospitals, through lack of knowledge and experience or for financial gain, give patients with advanced cancer inadequate, and sometimes unnecessary medicine. It is heart breaking to see patients in last days of their life rushed to hospitals for kidney dialysis or admitted in an intensive care units.This tends to expose them to infection and other complications, and shorten their live. Furthermore, patients at these stages need most to be at their homes surrounded by their family; moving them away can be very cruel


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